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Walking Safaris of South Africa is newly published by Struik Travel & Heritage, an imprint of Penguin Random House South Africa.

South Africa is a stunningly beautiful country and home to some of the world’s best wildlife reserves. It’s a wonderful safari destination, catering for every travel style from self-drive camping to ultra-luxury. Many visitors are unaware that it’s also possible to explore parks safely on foot – yes, even the ones with elephant, rhino and big predators.

There are good reasons to walk in the reserves, whether it is just once in place of a morning drive, or as a multi-day adventure. In a safari vehicle, you are looking at wilderness. On a walking safari you are really in the wilderness. Exploring on foot is the way to discover the African bushveld just as our ancestors did, in the tracks of wild animals. Meeting these animals is a thrilling part of a walking safari but it’s more: a genuinely immersive experience, a chance to gain a deeper appreciation for the entire bushveld ecosystem.

Walkers encounter fascinating smaller creatures, seed pods and flowers, fungi and feathers, bones and burrows, middens and nests. They learn the art of tracking, discover fossils, rock art and prehistoric tools. Bush skills, geology, folklore, bushveld cooking, astronomy, stories of lives lived in the wilds – all of these can be part of the walking safari experience.

Above all, taking part in a walking safari is an opportunity to disconnect from the modern world for a while and simply enjoy the unspoiled African wilderness and all its sights, scents and sounds. With the publication of Walking Safaris of South Africa, visitors have access to a valuable new resource for planning and enjoying this unforgettable experience.

“What a pleasure to review one of the best presented travel guides I have come across in a very long time.

Dr John Hanks for Fine Music Radio Book Choice.

Walking Safari News

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One overlooked aspect of walking safaris is their benefit in providing “eyes on the ground” in places inaccessible to vehicles. Trailists in wilderness areas can spot signs of poacher intrusion, find injured or snared animals, check fences and remove snares. In Greater Makalali Game Reserve, the “Threatened Wildlife Patrol” operated by Siyafunda Wildlife & Conservation …

About the Book

Walking Safaris of South Africa is the complete guide to walks in South Africa’s big game wilderness areas. It covers the nation’s 18 parks and reserves – plus a couple in eSwatini, and one in Botswana – where walking safaris are available.

One third of the book is devoted to pre-trip preparation: where to go and when, advice on how to pack and dress, and what to expect when on the trail. It explains the options available, which range from short walks to be enjoyed by all visitors, to wilderness trails from dedicated camps and lodges, to more arduous backpacking trails.

Another third of the guide describes the options in each reserve, covering all of the walk operators, including information on operating seasons and making bookings.

The rest of the book comprises first-hand narratives of walk experiences, which paint a vivid picture of how walking safaris offer an intense appreciation of African wilderness.

All of the reserves included have big game, which means that visitors can only walk in the care of specialist guides. The book does not cover other parks and nature reserves where visitors are free to self-guide on marked trails.

It aims to include all camps and lodges that have a focus on walks – where they are guaranteed, and offered as the main activity of the day. Other lodges, especially in the Greater Kruger area, may offer walks on request. It’s always worth inquiring, as every wilderness walk has the potential to be magical one.

Pub date: February 2021
ISBN: 9781775846901
ePub: 9781775846895
RRP: R270.00
Format: 210 x 148 mm
Extent: 184 pages
Text: 70,000 words
Images: ±200, full colour
Language: English
Covers: Softcover
Imprint: Struik Travel & Heritage

Book Reviews

The first professional review is in for Walking Safaris of South Africa, and it’s a good one. Zoologist and author Dr John Hanks is a strong believer in the benefits of wilderness immersion on foot and welcomes the book’s publication.

There is really no substitute for enthusiastic and passionate writing, and I must congratulate the authors and publisher for a production which I am sure will stimulate those who have not spent any time walking in protected area to give it a try.”

Dr John Hanks for Fine Music Radio Book Choice.
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